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Office G-33 Waqas Height Block 13D/1 Gulshan Iqbal Karachi, Pakistan
Roof Heat Proofing
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Roof Heat Proofing

Roof Heat Proofing

Roof Heat Proofing Services Karachi Best Heating Protecting Coating Solutions And Sun Heat Control Reduced Sun Heat & Reflective Paint Company In Pakistan. Keep Your Roof Cool With This Product In summer you did not sat in your office, factory, school, home and room, etc because of heat. And the fan also give heated air? With brooks chemical services, your fan can give normal air. And your use of AC will also reduce, because of heat your AC get trip and your electricity bill exceeds.

Roof Heat Proofing Solution And Chemicals:

We have this solution bcs chemical roof heat proofing and bcs insulation. This chemical application  will reduce your room temperature upto 5% to 8%. And with this heat intensity of roof reduces upto 70 to 80%. With this your usage of AC will also be decreased. And your electricity bill will automatically decrease upto 30%.

Sheets, Forums And Tiles:

We have forum, tiles, sheet, foaming sheet, polyester sheet and spray insulation etc we have all insulation material in summer your roof will still cool you can walk on it without shoes in afternoon we have all products material application brush roller spray machine with this application you get life time solution and you can enjoy the summer on your roof our material 100% imported it no have side effect this application easily applied on iron, rcc, cement sheet etc. Before roof plaster if you did not do insulation than do it in finishing to get solution of heat.

Heat Proofing Treatment With Sheet & Coating Procedure:

Clean roof completely, apply one contrite safety coat applied one insulation coating, imported sheet paste by all roof and applied 1 heat proofing chemical coat, in last two sun reflector coating applied on roof.


insulation make roof cool, imported sheet did not absorb heat and sun reflector coating reflect the sun rays after heat proofing your home temperature decrease 5 to 7 degree with it your ac use will also decrease and you will save 25% to 35% in electricity bill and you can walk in afternoon on the roof without shoes. Our Company Specializes In Reducing Sun

Heat Contact Us Now To Get The Services Of Our Company. With Our Company You Can Easily Get All Home Cooling Products At Reasonable Rates.