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Tank Cleaning SERVICES
Tank Cleaning Services In Karachi For Building & Factory Rcc Metal Fibre Tank Cleaner In Pakistan

Water Tank Cleaning ServicesTo maintain a safe & healthy water tank:

Tank cleaning services regular and yearly inspections should be done. However, your water tank should be cleaned. Probably at a minimum every 2 till 3 years. We work seven days a week 365 days a year, team of water tank service is available on any day of the year. We clean and disinfect the tank completely and its surrounding entry points. Moreover it can be cleaned manually by removing the sludge and putting. We pay and treat our workers well. Likewise this allows us to have excellent employees who care for their job! happy workers means a better job for you. We are the pioneers and the first and only company in this industry to promote this essential. Brooks Chemical Company provides one of the best tank cleaning services in Pakistan.

Process of water tank cleaning and Dis-infection:Process of water tank cleaning and Dis-infection:Process of water tank cleaning and Dis-infection:

Removal of sediments, physical cleaning of water tanks, physical cleaning of walls/beds (with wire brushes), cleaning of tanks with plane water. Because the chemical will evaporate when they will make contact with air.

Chemical used:

sodium hypo-chlorite (chlorine)
alum (optional)
potassium per magnate (optional)
sodium hydro-oxide (optional)