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Roof Leakage Repair Services In Karachi PakistanROOF LEAKAGE REAPIR

We provide Roof leakage repair & rainwater leakage and seepage treatment for old and new roofs. Our water leakage Solution services are available for entire Pakistan. To get control on leakages of your home roofs, we use sealant polyvinyl alcohol (pva), that is a sticking polymer. In which massively paint, sealants, coating textile, plastic and etc are used. And it is in the shape of powder and we use it after transforming it into liquid.

Real roof damage can be just above this point or higher on the roof line. If water has flowed through the casing or rafters before it has fallen to the attic floor. You can see discoloration or running water on the jacket or rafters. When you find a place where water enters through the roof, insert a metal wire through the hole. So that it is visible from the outside of the roof. If there is no visible damage, the cause of leak may be a problem with lightning, shingles or ventilation seals. Because ice barriers occur on the edges of the roof damage or leakage from the ceiling. And is often close to the edge of the room, or it can even occur on the outside wall. Because water can drip directly onto the walls. Go to the attic and look for insulation points that show signs of moisture.

However, you should not expect damage to the roof directly above this part of the attic, because water can flow a considerable distance along the cover or rafter before dripping on and through the insulation to the ceiling surface. If you discover damp insulation, pull it away and check the drywall or plasterboard underneath. If you have stains from water flowing down the walls or flowing down the ceilings in your home, the most likely cause is a leaking roof. Small leaks can quickly become serious problems that lead to damaged insulation, rotten wooden frames, black mold, and damaged plasterboard and ceilings. Believe it or not, finding the cause of a leak is sometimes more difficult than self-repair. Brooks Chemical Company provides its roof leakage repair services all over Pakistan that includes Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Balochsitan and Hyderabad.